Feel free to use our rating system on your own audio productions!

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U - Universal Audiences: Just like a 'G' rating in the movies, the 'U' rating means that the program in question is suitable for all audiences, containing no strong language, no adult or sexual situations, and no material that is too much for a younger audience. Though, there may be minor language that we consider harmless. The brief appearance of words like "damn" or "hell" are considered fine for a universal/family audience.

PG - Parental Guidance Suggested: Much the same as a movie 'PG' rating, this simply means parental guidance is needed, and that some material or language may be a bit strong for very young audience members. Words stronger than "hell" or "damn" could appear within the program, but overly strong language will not likely appear. Some mature and/or violent themes can be present, such as suggestive situations, non-sexual, yet mature relations can be hinted at or referred to, and a certain level of violent content could be present.

M - Mature Audiences: The 'M' rating for mature is represented for shows that we deem unsuitable for a younger audience. Programs with an 'M' rating may contain adult themes, lightly sexual situations, violent content, and strong language that is not suitable for young people under the age of 17.


For comments or suggestions about DRE's ratings system, please feel free to email us with the subject header "DRE Ratings" at the email address found below.

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